So I’m used to a certain behavior for the home and end buttons on my logitech edge keyboard. Jumping to the end or the beginning of the page is not the behavior I expect, so after being stung by this sudden change of the entire screen a few times. I finally decided to do something about it and found this lovely blog post describing what todo.

I already had the remap i software installed, the trouble was that it was though figuring out which setting to set.

Since I wrote it I’ve started using Parallels and stopped having my powershell scripts in a fileshare. But the information is usefull none the less.

I set up my Mac with running all my .Net development in a VirtualBox environment. I share my source-code directory to the guest OS in VirtualBox using VirtualBox’s own file shares.

This way I can have all my source-code in one location.

Working with code in a file-share has its own challanges. Recentlly I had issues with running PowerShell scripts from the directory. It turns out I had to add the vboxsrv (name of the host os in VirtualBox) to Internet Explorers Trusted sites.

I followed these instructions and now atleast powershell works on the fileshare.

The IPad is a nice tool for surfing the web from your sofa. However if your like me and sometimes want to check out how certain things are done it’s missing a vital feature. It’s missing a view source functionallity.

So I Googled for it and found the following gist to allow you to view the source of any webpage you’d like.

There are also some more sophisticated ones like Snoopy. Where there are complete installation instructions.

I was asked this question during a talk I had on Continous delivery I held at GTUG Stockholm (which apparentlly is changing its name). “Why not use puppet for installing the application software”.

I was a bit perplexed, because, were not installing our software using puppet, and to me, puppet is for bootstraping servers. But after a thinking it through later at night, I finally came up with an answer I’m the most comfortable with.

You can use what-ever tool you like to automate your installation process, as long as it is deterministic. If you want to use Puppet, do so. In our homogenous Windows environment we could do all we needed using PowerShell. It has it’s limits. I am certain that should the need araise to adress those limits, we will do so.

The core takeaway is this. Stick to the pinciples. You can use any tool you’d like as long as the following principles hold for the tool:

  • It’s output is deterministic
  • You can version control the configurations

I sure there are more principles but these were just off the top of my head.

We’ve been using MSTest for quite some time but now it’s time for change. First of the reasons for changing unit testing framework.

We’re now building with Hudson/Jenkins which NUnit integrates better with. According to rumours NUnit is faster than MSTest.

In the long run hopefully we’ll benefit from being able to use inheritance in testing as well.

In order to speed up the process of switching to NUnit I made the following bash script which changes most code attributes, project references and so on.

I uploaded it as a gist so everyone can use it, should they happen to need it.

Switch to NUnit bash script

Ever since I saw a video of Corey Haines running Autospec I’ve been looking for an option to automatically run my tests when files change. So here is a list of different solutions.

I found a python package that allows me to do what I wanted to do with onchange. It’s called watchdog and is OS-independent. So apparently it works in linux, mac and windows.

There is also a ruby gem called Guard which can accomplish the same thing.

Then we have the continuous testing guys with mighty moose, which seems to be a paid option for .net, but which adds the idea of only running affected tests.

There is this ci project I’ve been following with some interest, sadly I havn’t had the chance to try it out since it’s only for open-source software. It seems however, that that is about to change!

They are opening up a beta access program for Travis-CI, which I think is really exciting!

Here is a link to sign up, and there seems to be some sort of pyramid scheme going on to get access to the beta. So sign up using this link :)

Subscription link


I got an IPad a while back, and something was always bothering me with it. It had this really nice looking calendar application that was useless because it only showed one of my 5 google calendars.

Turns out Google tought of that. You need to navigate to their Google Iphone Calendar Selector and select which calendars you want to display in your IPad.

Suddenly my IPad’s calendar app got a lot better. Now if I could only find some way to get a better mail application as well :)