After listening to a changelog episode about Vim I heard of Janus, a set of plugins set togeather and maintained for MacVim. I checked it out Janus and it seems great!

So once I got my vim working after some slight issues in the segmentation fault department, I started looking at it more closely.

I got a bit scared when I realised that all this configuration would go into my .vim directory with out me keeping track of things.

So instead of installing Janus I made a git repository in my .vim directory, and added it to GitHub.

It will probably never be quite as extensive as Janus, but feel free to use it if you want.

You can find it here

Since I noticed there is a lack of blogging tools for the mac I decided to try out blogging using Vim. After Markus Anvhe responded I should try out vim I did some research on it.

It turns out that I can blog using markdown, and the post it to my blog converted to html. I liked that I’d and decided to give it a go.

You can find the details here. The post is a bit outdated since the commands have been simplified, but it describes the process.

While setting it up I ran into issues with MacVim. It kept giving me segmentation faults when ever I used vimrepress.

I tried different methods to get macvim to work. turns out if I used macports it would cause segmentation faults when ever I tried to run the blogging plugin. So I had to uninstall the macports version of python25 and all of a sudden things started working.

I now use the macvim snapshot build 61 which seems to work out really well.

So this is my first blogpost from vim.