November 16, 2008

Failing genasm.exe due to claimed missing implementation of abstract method

I’m focusing on our Windows Client right now, working out how to handle the loading of lists asynchronously. As a result I’ve just spent a few hours with the following error message:

Error 5 genasm.exe(1) : error There was an error finalizing type . Method ‘ApplyTemplate’ in type ‘xxxxxx’ from assembly ‘xxxx.MobileClient.PocketPC.asmmeta, Version=3.2.2543.1, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=bd562592246cb6f0′ does not have an implementation. MobileClient

To be honest I never did find out why the above error message was displayed. The base-class implements the method the error message says is missing.

public class OrderFiller : BaseListFiller

However; changing the specific class from public to internal fixed the problem

internal class OrderFiller : BaseListFiller