How IT will change in the next 10 years and why you should care

This session was held by Miha Kralj. He described the trends he was seeing when looking at software architectures and systems. This was a realy good session. Im not going to list everything I found interesting in the blog. I recommned everyone to take a look at this session, its not technically oriented but its a very interesting session to listen too.

Miha describes how the software leaders of the future are highly connected young people, with communication and leadership skills that have been tuned through years of online collaboration. That there will be culture differences between these “Digital Natives” and the current descision makers. For example most people who are now starting to enter the Software industry will probably not accept having a standard issue pre configured laptop on which they cannot install what they want.

Miha also presented an interesting theory to what happened to IBM, they had a cash cow. Noone slaughters their cashcow everything is focused on the cashcow. This type of focus makes a company vounerable to competitors whom can take innovative approaches to the same problem, without having the customer paying for the cashcow.