Mobile Smackdown

Interesting session indeed. This was the first time that I felt a culture difference between he session hosters and the people listening to the session.

The crowd was somewhat hard to active, and I believe that most of the people whom went to the session didnt realy know what to expect.

Here are a few interesting points I brought with me:

  • HTC Diamond has multitouch support in the hardware but there is no application that uses it
  • There is a Tell Me service that takes a recording and transforms it to text processing the recording on a webservice.
  • MyMobiler is a free alternative to PocketController, Im using this now on my development PC to test it out, it can be downloaded at
  • Redfly, a laptop like extender for windows mobile phones. Connect your phone and all of a sudden you have a 7″ display and qwerty keyboard. Aswell as VGA output and USB port extensions.
  • FakeCall
  • Dashwire, backup service for your windows mobile phone, complete for pictures, movies etc.
  • GLMaps 3d virtual earth on a phone with accellorator support to detect which angle your viewing it from.
  • Klaxon alarm clock that can be turned off by shaking the phone
  • WIFIRouter; software that turns your cellphone into a WiFi accesspoint that allows internet sharing over the 3G connection.