Multiple menus in Visual Studio 2008

Ever experienced having multiple entries of the same menu item in Visual Studio 2008? Well, I have.

See what happens is that all of a sudden, usually related to an installation of a plug in or third party tool; my Visual Studio displays each item in my menus and toolbars several times, this also includes the sub menus and context menus. The record so far is 12 times for each item.

I forgot to screenshot, but lets just say that the environment gets hard to work in.

I’ve solved it once by reinstalling (repair) Visual Studio 2008, but after SP1 of .Net 3.5 this did not work.

Instead I found the following forum entry on MSDN forums.

This resolved the issue for me. In fact all I had to delete was the devenv.CTM

The path for me on Vista was: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\1033

Hope this helps someone else.