Scrum and the value of money

I had this discussion at work the other day, about teaching your kid the value of money. Well I have a kid at home, I cant say in the age where I have to worry about it. But what I also have athome is a SCRUM task board. Me and my girl adds the tasks that we need to get done to the task board and then priorities it into the tasks were going to complete today. We used to have importance, but found that so far we havnt realy had to sort the tasks as more or less important.

So I have this idea to use our setup to teach my kid the value of money. My original plan was that he would have his chores listed on the task board, just like my and my girl have our tasks listed on the task board. We’ll a natural extension of this is task estimation, we estimate the difficulty, or worth of each task and as he completes a task he gets the equivelant or its worth as “Salary”.