TechEd Barcelona Keynote


p class=”MsoNormal”>I didn’t think I’d be posting a blog post about the TechEd keynote, however I can’t help myself. So why am I posting about it? Well I saw Visual Studio 2010 for the first time.

So what was presented for Visual Studio 2010?

  • Packing Support. Visual studio assists you in creating packages for deploying your applications to different servers with different setups.
  • Testing support. Using the packaging support you can easily set up a testing environment on virtual machines or actual testing severs. With different configurations of the system under test. While doing manual tests you can record the testing scenario and attach the recording to a bug report item.
  • Better support for parallelism. Using parallel Linq and or parallel for loops similar to OpenMP or other academic parallelization research projects where you declaratively can tell the compiler to parallelize execution of for example a for loop.
  • Sharepoint development supporting F5 debug deployment. For once I might be interested of developing Sharepoint solutions.
  • Annotations are now shown as a popup in the code.
  • You can add diagrams to display directly in the code.
  • Support for viewing visualizations of code. Dependency graphs showing the structure of the application. Generate sequence diagrams directly from the code, etc.
  • Minor refreshments of the history view. Displaying history in a single document with a timeline selection control.
  • Refactoring support off the shelf. Resharper like features in VS out of the box.
  • Better support for addins. Easier to extend VS by just dropping .dll files to the execution directory
  • JQuery packed with VS. Complete with Intellisense

To be honest I’m looking forward to testing VS2010. I especially like the visualization features, since I’m sort of a visualization addict.