The future of unit testing

This session was supposed to be another session, but I’m quite happy that they changed it.

I didn’t notice since I thought this seemed like a session I would go to.

The session was held by Roy Osherove who works at Typemock. His talk was not a Typemock commercial by the way. Event though he suggested using Typemock for testing Sharepoint since Typemock allows mocking of sealed classes.

What was good though was that we talked of the subject of how to make TDD and similar techniques avaliable to the non-early adopters. He thought that one should start with first just Unit testing and then when that technique is mastered by the developers, move on to TDD. So that the developers doesn’t have to focus on learning two or more techniques at the same time. Then start with TDD on a subsystem or smaller part of a system that has low risk.

For testing JavaScript he suggested JsUnit, Ive checked it out but havn’t used it my self. I’ve worked with qUnit (the jQuery testing framework) myself, but qUnit seems a bit immature. However I’m going to try qUnit for a while longer before trying jsUnit.