Grails: Issue with Morph Deploy plugin

I ran into a problem with Grails again, this time its with the Morph deploy plugin. It turns out its nothing special.

The problem I ran into was the following error when I created my war-file for the application.

Error executing script War: No such property: stagingDir for class: _Events

There are some issues with the _Events.groovy file for the plugin. I found the solution to the problem here.

I spent some time looking for the directory however. Naively I assumed that the plugins installed for my project would be available in the project directory. It turns out they weren’t. They are located in an entirely different part of my system, my User directory.

This means I have to set up special handling for source-controlling the plugins. I want them source-controlled since they impact the behaviour of my application.

To be honest I found this to be a bit annoying.