Grails: Jetty and Character-encoding

Im doing something not supported. I’m serving html files through my Grails web-app running Jetty. Simply I have some static pages that will not change. I want them served uncompiled. I use the resources-first plugin to help out with serving these html files.

The files are documentation, responses if you wish, for the user. I load them using Ajax to provide standard responses for some actions.The problem is that the responses are in Swedish.

Jetty only serves them in ISO-8859-1, which is its standard configuration. According to this.

The issue I have is that I can’t change it. I can’t set a system variable to change the default encoding to UTF-8, not without having to do some programming. As  a result, the easiest way for me to handle this issue is to change my HTML files to GSP files. This forces me to serve them through the Grails stack and thus demands somewhat more resources from my poor server.

I tried to see if I could configure the Jetty-server to use UTF-8 as a default encoding, but alas according to this documentation I can only change it for the URI and not the content, and the URI is already set to UTF-8.

If anyone finds out how to serve HTML through the same server as Grails but with the correct encoding let me know. Right now I have a work around that will work for the next 6 months.

Update: Apparently, hosting just HTML files with utf-8 encoding set on the file, works in the production environment.

Thank you