Sprint startup

A while back we started with one-week sprints. For several reasons. We had four-week sprints earlier, but sometimes it was unclear what we were supposed to deliver and what we delivered.

Today we started our third one-week sprint. The start-up meeting took 20 minutes, and was a stand up meeting. Everyone was standing up. In effect it was just a longer Daily Scrum, with more details of what we were going to do and how.

This week is a short week in Sweden, (holiday in the middle of the week, so most people take vacation days to get a long weekend). Thus the one week sprint is in reality 2 and a half day. During which we will be automating the deployment of some of the plug-ins for RemoteX Applications. We have now roughly used half the sprints avaliable hours, and were mostly done. Leaving tomorrow for fine-tuning and testing of the builds we created today.