Last night we worked on ClickOnce deploying an application. The application is a connector between two standard systems, one for economics and the other is RemoteX Applications. In essence it means that our customers will be able to update their integration with the economic system by ClickOnce.

It is an application because the economic system is designed for small scale enterprises and doesn’t have a server component.

Anyway as we were working on the ClickOnce deployment, and as usual we get a deployment error. This however was a new one:

The customHostSpecified attribute is not supported for Windows Forms applications.

The problem is that the application was compiled for x86 platforms, switching it to all platforms resolves the deployment error. Switching to All Platforms isn’t an issue for us, but I can imagine it becoming a problem if you need to specify the platform.

In that case you would have to look into the mage commands reference:

and work with the -p parameter for specifying the processor.