I recently read Martin Fowlers Bliki entry ComparativeValues. Where he talks about the values listed in the Agile Manifesto. Now Ive given this some thought and there are some things I find interesting.

If you look at it, what he says is that the Agile Manifesto it self is Agile. It was created as a statement to realign how we develop software, and move away from high ceremony project practices. In essence there could, and hopefully it will, where we need too define another manifesto to counter some other harmful development practice. To clarify, I mean hopefully as it would prove that our methods are improving and were Agile enough to adapt to the change.

Another thought which struck me is that making a list of Comparative Values could also be used as self help. Or a means to align your behaviour to a given wish. Create a list of 10 comparative values that describe how you as a person should act or behave. That you can refer to when making though decisions or just reflecting over your day at work.

Or why not create a Comparative Values list just for your team to take care of in team personal issues. How should we behave, what do we as a team value. Have the team develop a list that all members can commit too. That exercise alone should help shed some understanding between team members and could potentially help the team by reducing conflicts.