Getting things done

I just started reading “Getting things done” – by David Allen. I’m roughly 25 pages in, but now I have to stop to write this blog-post just to clear my mind.

The reason for why I started reading the book is that I found Tracks though and started looking at their system earlier this week. The goal was to get some inspiration for creating more productivity enhancing features in RemoteX Applications. Tracks was interesting enough but I wanted to read the book to get some better insight into the ideas behind it.

The way Scrum, Kan-ban works is similar in the sense that it is a way to organize Actions, things need to be done.

What I miss so far from Getting Things Done is that the items on the team boards that I’m working on is also a part of the things I need to get done. It feels as if I’m missing a dimension. I felt the same way about the Tracks software earlier this week.

The book it self has already resulted in 5 blog posts, this included. Ill add one when I’m finished to summarize.