How I work with code the unit test part

I wrote a blog post about how I work with code. The basic idea is that I record actions that I need to take as I work with the code in a format that is readable by the other developers in my team. In case I get run over by a truck they can see where I took off. Also its a way to record what and why I’m doing as I’m progressing through code written by someone else.

I got a response from a former colleague Anna who claimed I wouldn’t need to do it if I had automated tests. Even though Automated tests doesn’t have much to do with personal productivity at first glance, a recording of something that needs to be fixed could be a unit test. If developers run the tests often they are in my shelveset and they can see which pieces of the code I perceive bugs in.

In fact this is exactly what is being done as I work with TDD. Giving support to the fact that TDD can increase the productivity of a developer, following the same ideas presented in Getting Things Done.

Tests however doesn’t record suggestions for design improvements or actions such as “Ask x about icon y”. At Least not as far as I know.