Seven Habits

A Former colleague of mine is attending a Seven Habits course. She asked me to help her out with her homework. The concept is that we go through some exercise as she takes on different habits in the course.

Today we met for the first time to discuss this. Basically Anna got to explain the first two habits to me, and we did some exercise. I’ll go through some of my thoughts for the exercise but first I have to take a moment to elaborate on this teaching technique.

I like the strategy that Anna’s coarse is taking. It is a leadership course, and I believe that part of being a good leader is also to be a good teacher. Idea to have participants of the course work with another outside the course serves several purposes.

First we have to admit it serves a market purpose, as Anna goes through the course she will spread the word to people around her who are interested in leadership aspects.

But also this will serve three purposes for Anna. One is the built in reiteration of the course material helping her remember the material they’ve gone through in the course.

The second is that she gets my invaluable input, just kidding. She gets to see discuss the habits with the a fresh pair of eyes. She gets to  explain the details, and at some points dive deeper into the details of the the habit under study.

Last but not least, Anna gets to practice pedagogical leadership with someone.

Now I hope I can provide Anna with some good input. I’ll have to put some work in for the second purpose of the exercise, to help Anna get the most out of the course she can. As this is the part that I truly can affect to make sure these exercise produce the most value.