Powershell principles

We have a document checked-in in the root of our source-control system for Applications. The document is the development principles we strive for. Most of them are basic, SOLID principles with highlights in how our code works.

Currently we’re focusing on automating the installation process for applications, the goal is to be able to handle a lot more installations without increasing the amount of people needed to handle our operations department. We’re removing a lot of manual error-prone steps, and were doing it using PowerShell.

Now my colleague is doing a lot of PowerShell work, and research, to automate different parts of the installation process. We identified that we needed to have a document to make sure that the PowerShell scripts follow guidelines just like with the rest of the code.

Now Johan has been doing a lot of work on this and we’re trying to get a lot of feedback on the guidelines. To increase the feedback we can get Johan has published the PowerShell guidelines on his blog. Please, have a read and any comment is appreciated.