Alt.Net Stockholm coding dojo

Last night there was a coding dojo at Avega’s offices in Stockholm, under the flag of Alt.Net. This was the first coding dojo I’ve attended, and it was a fun experience. We did the HarryPotterKata with Object Calisthenics.

I thought I’d post a few thoughts:

  • There was allot of discussion around Object Calisthenics, which is good. But adding it to the mix added a requirement to the solution. Not everyone committed to this. “Let’s drop this and focus on some business value instead” was uttered at several occasions. I think that, if there is a requirement that code should be written a specific way. Then making sure it’s written such is a business requirement.
  • Deciding on a kata on before hand is a good idea, that can reduce the amount of time spent getting started.
  • Reshaper is awesome. I learned a few new tricks with it from working with others.
  • Creating some snippets for creating new tests could be a good idea for speeding things up.

To summaries I think it was a good evening, I especially think that coding dojos is a good idea to organize for in house knowledge sharing, or just team alignment in general. I got that feeling that it is easier to get a good flow in the Kata if you have some standards in place already.