RemoteX Localization Editor final touches

I’ve been working on a JavaScript client for our REST-service. So far it’s an editor for Localization and pick list options. But I was on a roll!

imageSo we charge by the amount of users each installation, lets add an easy way to calculate the amount of users. Download the list of users, and just count them. Pretty easy when then REST server is already in place.  To the right here you can see the end result of the view of the users. I did a similar one to calculate what we call resources.

While I was on that I figured I could add some graphs. I have a small thing for visual data. I found the JQuery Flot plugin, which suited my needs quite well.

I combined the flot plugin with our REST based search API and created some graphs. All cooked together I could produce a statistics view like this:


To finish things up I added the style used on RemoteX website, to get a consistent feel. This took some sweat, as the style sheet is generated HTML and CSS from dotNetNuke, and not exactly the same as my carefully handcrafted HTML. In the end I got it in and here is the end result.