Is software development too complicated?

.Net rocks had a panel discussion a while back, regarding the increasing complexity of software development. A panel discussion they have been refereeing back to a few times in the shows since. In general venting the possibility that all the options available is just adding complexity and might not result in any business value gain.

To contrast this I’m currently listening to the  Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Lecture Series podcast, where they recently had Quincy Jones III and Chamillionaire talk about Successful Independent Promotion: From Artist to Entrepreneur. Where they are excited about how web-development is becoming simpler, and more accessible to “urban” artists.

The contrast is quite interesting between the two pod casts, one talks of adaption and innovation. The other focuses more on consequences of the work of others.

I just realised that a while back was 24 issues of Dot Net Rocks ago, and congratulations to the 500th show of Dot Net Rocks.