I recently finished reading Blink. It’s about how we are programmed to make quick decisions. The driving force behind prejudices, but also our inherited ability to make quick and accurate decisions.

It’s funny, the book was mentioned in an episode of “In treatment”, and 60 seconds later I had purchased the book and had it on my Kindle.

Malcolm describes how we all make initial assessments of everything and everyone. The book explains when this ability is not to be trusted and when it is to be trusted.

I found it especially interesting how, for example packaging can change our entire perception of a product. It also explains how we often let our first impression of a person unconsciously affect our interactions with that person.

In essence the book is about decision making, a process that I’ve find to be hard to capture in text. It’s an interesting read and very inspiring, but it is more of a food for thought book than a practically focused guide.