A pull process

While reading The Power Of Pull, I came to think about push and pull processes. Now the definition of these is not the same as a push or pull process as used in that of lean processes, instead here a pull process regards an open platform on which participants can pull information from and add information too.

In essence an open-source project is often a pull platform, where people can access value from, attract more people willing to add value and achieve new value through the combination of new ideas.

So as I was reading I began thinking of how to build a pull platform for a company. Most companies are push processes, where a tight group pushes the organization in a direction the group wishes. A pull process instead allows the people in the organization to react to new ideas.

Now Scrum is in a way a push process, the prioritizing and decisions on What to do is done by the PO. How would a team process look like if it instead was a pull process? A process where you attract, access and achieve. Where the contribution of the individuals decide the trajectory of the value generation. Instead of a governing Product Owner who points in the direction the product should move.

How does the concept of profit work in this scenario? The normal approach to payment probably will not work as you want to attract a wide amount of inspired people. Money might be limited, and typically traditional payment methods imply a push model. Since you want to send your money to just one person. The distribution of payment should be handled in the pull platform.

Naturally the resulting product should be open for contribution and or extension somehow.

Just some thoughts for now.