Review: The Power of Pull

50314_108844182471580_2963_n.jpg (200×301)I recently finished reading The Power of Pull a book describing how the world-wide adoption of the Internet is changing how we generate value as individuals and in organizations.

The pull that the book talks about is a different kind of pull than what I’ve previously associated with the word. The Power of Pull talks about pull as the means of the individual to access information, attract people of similar interest and achieve common value.

That in working together towards a common goal making individual decisions in the same direction. Generates move value than working in a direction that has been pushed down from a single mind or individual.

It describes how the value of assets keep declining at increasing rates. How its becoming easier and easier to get outrun by a small groups of individuals. It describes the general disruption that the Internet’s increased communication and availability of information is causing.

It doesn’t stop at the individual level however, the book covers how institutions can leverage the power of this process of change. How institutions can change to create environments where individuals can achieve their fullest potential and generate the potential of unlimited learning.

Last the book covers how entire markets can be shaped as pull is being leveraged. Markets can be shaped to provide profit not only to single institutions but for everyone involved in the particular market.

In short the book describes the opportunity that exists right now to collaborate and create something truly fantastic.

I definitely recommend reading this book. It’s excellent food for thoughts.