About Morten

I was born in 1982 and grew up in a small town near the middle of Sweden, centered around a steelworks. I'm the youngest brother in a litter of 3 boys.

My oldest brother was an early adopter when it comes to computers as such I grew up with a ZX Spectrum, and a generous amount of other computers available to me. Since my brother ran a BBS we quickly got modem access to the Internet.

Tinkering with computers and writing simple BASIC programs was a natural thing for me growing up, but it was all fun and games. With the advent of the Internet I started playing MUDs (Multi User Dungeons). MUDs got me into programming in collaboration with others, developing different aspects of the game. This is what eventually really got me into software development.

I can clearly remember when I was around 13 years old and sitting in school when all of a sudden software development "clicked". I could look at the things around me and logically dissect them and come up with just how I would implement them in the MUD I was working on at the time.

For me that is when my life journey set it self in the tracks of wanting to become a software developer. I started aligning my choices to help me get the job I wanted, firstly by getting a Masters of Computer Science from KTH in Stockholm.


  • Junior developer SKF
  • Studying at KTH I held these positions as I studied
    • KTH teaching assistant for the Java courses
    • Level 1 Dell technician
  • Junior Integrator RemoteX
  • Software Developer RemoteX
  • Senior Software Developer RemoteX
  • Team lead RemoteX
  • CTO RemoteX
  • Team lead for Lime Fields at Lundalogik
  • CTO Klarity
  • CTO Flaivy Nation

Speaking engagements

  • Continuous Delivery - web-5 France 2012, DevSum Stockholm 2012, JS.Everywhere San José 2012, and various development groups and firms.
  • Offline HTML5 SPA apps - web-5 France 2012, Internet dagarna Stockholm 2012, ScanDev Göteborg 2013
  • REST-API vs "Command" driven APIs - web-5 France 2013.
  • Handling error handling - Agile Sweden 2010
  • Generating code - Agile Sweden 2019

Getting personal

The experiences that stick are the experiences that align to our core beings. While it is impossible to summaries a human being in a few words, I will nonetheless give you a hint of who I am, by describing the values I hold in software development.

  • Minimalism - Good code, just like so much else in life, is about pure, simple and most often intent exposing interfaces.

  • Honesty - There is nothing harder to repair than broken trust. The easiest and most minimal approach is thus to not break the trust in the first place.

  • Collaboration - To share the burden with fellow developers not only makes everyone faster and better, but also makes work more fun.

  • Learning - Software development is a knowledge based endeavor. The purpose of our work is to learn and evolve.

Why Morkeleb

This blog is named after the server I had as a young student. Naturally it was named after a dragon in one of my fantasy novels at the time. Specifically Dragonbane by Barbra Hambly.

The name sort of stuck, and is a personal homage to that old machine that was humming away in the closet. Keeping my clothes warm.