Remotestick Webgui

imageThis is a JavaScript UI for the Remotestick server.

Remotestick is server that enables you to communicate with a Tellstick through a REST-interface.

Basic usage

The GUI uses lists all available devices configured on the Remotestick server and enables you to turn them on or off, or use a dimmer.

It works on the Android browser and should work on IPhones as well.

The interface also allows you to turn all devices on or off on a single button. Allowing you to turn all controlled devices off, on for example the subway had you forgotten when you left home.

Adding devices

imageIt also has support for adding new devices. The idea was to make the process of configuring device support on the Tellstick easier.

How to install

You install the webgui by extracting the content of the files in the directory of remotestick-server. Once everything is extracted you can run the server with the default settings and access the webgui on http://localhost:8422/s/


The latest version can be downloaded from:


The entire UI is Open-Source under the Apache version 2 license, and can be found on Git-hub at:


The GUI uses JS-Analytics to capture any error that occurs, no personal information is collected. This is for quality improvements only.