Servad.Net is a field service management system. It consists of two parts, an administrative Asp.Net web-app, and a Windows Mobile application for the field service technician.

The architecture is quite simple, a back end database with a Asp.Net website connected to it. Data is replicated to the Windows Mobile clients using merge replication from Microsoft SQL Server. The windows mobile application is rather simplistic in its design, but very fast and well adjusted to the user needs.

![Servad Overview]( "servad-arch")
Servad Overview
Reports are generated using Reporting Services. Servad.Net allows the users to add subscriptions to reports. Subscriptions will periodically send a copy of the latest report for the given time period to the users email address.

The development of the product halted at the end of 2006, to instead focus development efforts on RemoteX Applications. The next generation product from RemoteX Technologies.