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Nov 21, 2009

Rethinking design desicions

I read a blog post at Three Rivers Institute that lead me to the following presentation. The presentation is about startups and search engine optimization. How to drive visitors to your website. Dharmesh

May 27, 2009


I found a new tool for testing web-applications in IE today. It’s called IETester, and it allows me to test IE versions 5.5 to 8 in the same application. Which is

Apr 20, 2009

Grails: Jetty and Character-encoding

Im doing something not supported. I’m serving html files through my Grails web-app running Jetty. Simply I have some static pages that will not change. I want them served uncompiled. I use

Apr 7, 2009

Grails: Ajax Login using Basic Auth

So I have my Grails environment setup. The point is to build a REST-service that will work as a back end to a highly dynamic JavaScript page. I chose Grails, since it builds