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Dec 3, 2010

New AppEngine SDK 1.4.0

Apparently there is a new SDK out tonight! It’s version 1.4.0. I had to mention it because apart from the really interesting Channel API there is a new “Always on

Apr 7, 2010

Grails vs. Python on Google AppEngine

A few weeks ago I got fed up with the bad performance I was getting on Google AppEngine for my Grails project. I was also having trouble figuring out how to combine references

Mar 31, 2010

Interesting issue on GAE issue list

I was browsing around the issue lists on Google AppEngine, just some midnight light reading before going to bed… I stumbled on the following issue, marked as critical:

Dec 16, 2009

AppEngine + Grails + Cron

I just added a Cron job to “ping” my application every 1 minute. After a short discussion with Paul Cusch, whom commented on one of my previous posts regarding the load request issues

Nov 21, 2009

AppEngine enhancer issue

The issue with the AppEngine enhancer still exists with Windows 7. Let’s hope for the next version of Windows then…

Oct 17, 2009

AppEngine start up cost

I’m struggling with an issue where Google AppEngine will take over 30 seconds to do the initial loading of my hosted web-application. Now apparently it does take a while to load applications

Sep 25, 2009

Fun times with JSON Rendering

I spent the last couple of hours on my pet project working with a specific issue. After moving it’s hosting to Google AppEngine the classes have meta data stored in them. I’

Sep 25, 2009

Google AppEngine and Grails 1.2-M2

I upgraded this morning, figuring that the changes related to the .gsp views and their pre-compiling would reduce the cold start issues I’m having with Google AppEngine. However the 1.2-M2 release