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Nov 26, 2009

Target acquired

I ran into a designers block while working on a new feature for the online configuration editor for RemoteX Applications. (notice the name change?) An interesting observation was that the risk for the

Nov 7, 2009

Localization editor for Applications

I don’t realy know what to do right now, so I thought I’d share some of the latest work on RemoteX Applications. RemoteX Applications has support for multiple languages being used

Sep 8, 2009

Microsoft + RemoteX = Software + Services

This August Microsoft wrote a piece on RemoteX Applications. The article highlights the benefits of Software + Services, and using Microsoft technologies to develop it. Being a central player behind the solution for RemoteX

Aug 27, 2009

RemoteX Applications Mobile Performance

I’ve been working allot on RemoteX’s Windows Mobile application recently. The goal is to make it run faster. I started using EQATEC profiler, as its the only profiler I found that

Aug 10, 2009

Adding a new feature in 60 minutes

Today was the first day after my vacation, at work. Most of the time is spent on planning and discussions how we’re going to move forward with the product. But I did

Jun 23, 2009

Resource matching in RemoteX Applications

We’re just about to finish a feature in RemoteX Applications, allowing us to match resources to different jobs depending on the requirements of the job and the Resources qualifications. In RemoteX Applications