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Nov 22, 2010

A pull process

While reading The Power Of Pull, I came to think about push and pull processes. Now the definition of these is not the same as a push or pull process as used in

May 5, 2010

Inventory in software

I’ve been thinking a bit about all these factory references that occur when discussing software development. So here is an inventory management view, I guess. Inventory, viewed from a lean perspective is

May 18, 2009

Sprint startup

A while back we started with one-week sprints. For several reasons. We had four-week sprints earlier, but sometimes it was unclear what we were supposed to deliver and what we delivered. Today we

Apr 1, 2009

New sprint

We started a new sprint today. This sprint were doing some finishing touches to the hierarchies I posted about earlier, and were touching up on filters. Were introducing logs on some domain entities,

Mar 6, 2009

Knowing the problem domain of a project

When working with long running software projects. The initial stakeholders and developers often leaves before the project is complete, if it ever becomes completed. As a result, the inital decisions made when starting

Jan 27, 2009

A positive aspekt of RUP

Ive been working on a business plan for a business plan contest recently. It’s the first time that I write a business plan and to be honest, its opened my eyes on

Jan 15, 2009

Technical team-building

I firmly believe that; if a team has a common view of how software is to be developed. The team can produce software a lot faster. If not only for the fact that

Dec 5, 2008

How to communicate Hot-fix cost

Ever had problems with the communication between the customer and the development team, due to hot-fixes? Hot-fixes, deliveries that are not part of the planned release cycles are a burden to the entire

Nov 16, 2008

Scrum and the value of money

I had this discussion at work the other day, about teaching your kid the value of money. Well I have a kid at home, I cant say in the age where I have