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Sep 8, 2009

How I work with code

In Getting Things Done, David Allen discusses a work flow of how to handle things you need to-do. Now when I work at a coding task I often find places that could need

Jul 1, 2009

The importance of teaching

I have a good friend whom after university focused on first communication and then management. But now he has turned to development. We’ve been having a few discussion over the past few

Jun 10, 2009


I recently read Martin Fowlers Bliki entry ComparativeValues. Where he talks about the values listed in the Agile Manifesto. Now Ive given this some thought and there are some things I find interesting.

May 21, 2009

Source control folder anti-pattern

I ran into this issue at work today. Another team depends on my teams code to create customer specific solutions. Now they have an issue where they have to keep track of which

May 18, 2009

Sprint startup

A while back we started with one-week sprints. For several reasons. We had four-week sprints earlier, but sometimes it was unclear what we were supposed to deliver and what we delivered. Today we

Jan 15, 2009

Technical team-building

I firmly believe that; if a team has a common view of how software is to be developed. The team can produce software a lot faster. If not only for the fact that