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Nov 28, 2008

The future of unit testing

This session was supposed to be another session, but I’m quite happy that they changed it. I didn’t notice since I thought this seemed like a session I would go to.

Nov 28, 2008

Building on Quicksand

This is the first session that realy hit the roof when it comes to the level of the session. I arrived late to the session (sorry). The session is about reliability on large

Nov 17, 2008

Mobile Smackdown

Interesting session indeed. This was the first time that I felt a culture difference between he session hosters and the people listening to the session. The crowd was somewhat hard to active, and

Nov 17, 2008

Why software sucks

This session was held by David S. Platt whom wrote a book with the same title. It was a fun session. David explained that developers cannot design software with the assumption that if

Nov 17, 2008

TechEd Barcelona Keynote

< p class=”MsoNormal”>I didn’t think I’d be posting a blog post about the TechEd keynote, however I can’t help myself. So why am I posting about it?

Nov 17, 2008

Tech-Ed Barcelona 2008

Ill be spending 3 days at Tech-Ed Barcelona. These are the sessions I will be attending. Hopefully I will be posting a small post about each session. Architectures: The Good, the Bad, and