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Jun 24, 2009

TFS merge conflicts dialog

When merging conflicts between branches in TFS, there is a dialog for mering multiple conflicts. When you select more conflicts and wish to take either the target branches version or the source version.

May 21, 2009

Source control folder anti-pattern

I ran into this issue at work today. Another team depends on my teams code to create customer specific solutions. Now they have an issue where they have to keep track of which

Apr 22, 2009

Rollback and undo checkin in TFS

I keep forgetting this option in the team system powertools. The rollback command undoes all change sets to a specific point, this is done by reverting the changes. That is it checks out

Nov 17, 2008

Independent trunk and MSBuild

A while back I posted a post about a concept I call the Independent trunk. The core concept is that everything required to build a distributable version of a software product is checked

Nov 17, 2008

Safe import of .target files

We’ve changed most of our projects to import other .target files. This means that we get allot of warnings about unsafe imports. To eliminate these we can add a registry setting with

Nov 17, 2008

Multiple menus in Visual Studio 2008

Ever experienced having multiple entries of the same menu item in Visual Studio 2008? Well, I have. See what happens is that all of a sudden, usually related to an installation of a

Nov 16, 2008

The independent trunk

The independent trunk Manging source control is a fundamental task in any software development environment. I do not claim to be anything of an expert in the area, but I have a theory

Nov 16, 2008

TFS Reports stoped working

I ran across a problem earlier today, our reports in TFS2008 hadn’t updated for 4 days. Turns out that the scheduling process for TFS had stoped without warning. If you run across